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What is electrically heated glass?

Electrically heated glass is a special type of treated glass to which a transparent electrically conductive coating has been applied. The electric current passes through cables on this coating, generating heat and causing the glass to begin radiating heat.

The intensity of the heat can differ; it depends on the final application. The glass can be single laminated glass or integrated into a double or triple insulating glass unit.

heated glass

Applications where HeatVision® glass can be used

HeatVision® as Anti-condensation Glass

HeatVision® glass raises its temperature beyond the dew point to prevent condensation.

Depending upon application, HeatVision® can be used as either laminated safety glass or as insulating glass.

The temperature of the glass is controlled using a simple thermostat up to home automation system.



• Invisible anti-condensation system
• Low energy consumption
• No maintenance

Where you can use it:

• Doors and windows
• Glass roofs
• Indoor glass partition walls 
• Marine applications


HeatVision® as a Snow Melting System for Overhead Glazing

Heavy snow loads can cause glass and its related structures to collapse, if proper snow removal techniques are not practiced.

HeatVision® heated glass can solve the problem of snow accumulation. When the snow sensor detects snowflakes, the glass automatically begins to heat, melting the snow. The surface remains clean the whole time as the heated glass turns the snow into water.



  • Invisible heating source
  • Low energy consumption
  • No risks of collapse
  • No condensation on the inner side of glass
  • No maintenance

Where you can use it:

  • Glass roofs
  • Glass greenhouses and conservatories
  • Glass floors and staircases
  • Glass canopies >> MORE INFO

Technical features

Maximum size2.500 mm x 4.500 mm
ColourWide range of colour laminating films, coloured glass, Screen printing, sandblasting, enamelling
ShapeRectangle, square, trapezoid, round, oval, triangle
Glass typeSingle laminated glass, double insulating glass, and triple insulating glass
SafetyComposed of tempered, laminated glass
Voltage12–380 V AC/DC – Appropriate voltage is determined depending on the application
Power30–3.000W/m2 – Appropriate power intensity is determined depending on the application.
CertificationsCE EN 12150, EN 12543

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Formator is the leading supplier of electrically heated glass for marine applications in Europe, counting more than 60 cruise ships where its HeatVision® glass has been installed. Formator offers also HeatVision® glass for a range of interior and exterior applications in buildings.

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